How entry, target & stop loss prices are calcluated

I have always wondered what tools/techniques are used to determine a trade’s entry, target & stop loss prices a day ahead? I have seen such trade tips/calls (never blindly follow them toughly) and few of them are almost accurate.
My question is - Which technical analysis tool/indicator is used to forecast tomorrow’s price action? All indicators that I have come across works on a live trade (i.e., during actual trading time) but I am keen to know what is takes to make a list of stocks and decide on the entry/target prices a day ahead.

I mostly do intraday trades & would like to learn how to make a list of stocks that will move tomorrow & decide on the entry & target prices. Googled on this but mostly such projections positional. I would like to know what works for Intraday.

Need expert advice. Thanks.

No one line answer for this. Suggest you to go through the technical analysis module on varsity

Stop day trading.

Thanks Nithin. I have gained whatever knowledge I have from the Varsity.

I could guess there is no one line answer, if it was so easy, there is no fun :smiley:
Can I get some directions here - What to look for?

Why so? Day trading gives me good sleep, as I don’t care much about inter day movements.