How I overcome my trading fear and become profitable

Just started to understand the price movements from a different perspective rather than charts reduced my trading fear a lot

  1. If you are a 10 years experienced employee and your salary was grown from 10k to 1 lakhs per month. Suddenly the company says they want to reduce your salary to 50k and work in the company. How will you feel about it? Will you try to find another job and keep up with your higher salary or work for lesser salary? Its the same case for NIFTY. Think Nifty as a salaried employee who got a salary hike of 10% to 15% every year and the current salary is around 19k.

  2. If you are a house owner and you are renting your home for last 10 years. Ten years back the rent was around 7k and the current rent is 16k. Suddenly due to some reasons, peoples are asking to reduce the house rent to 10 years old price. Can you reduce the house rent? Think Nifty like a home rent.

You can add multiple examples here like school/college fees, groceries price, food price etc… Once the price go up in our country and it will never go down by 50%. If I am not expecting any price to go down to 10 years rate then why I have to fear about Nifty. So, I changed to mind to check if Nifty crashes by 50%, is my other expenses/salary going down by 50%. If yes, then there is a match else its an opportunity.

Fear is the EFFECT and lack of knowledge is the CAUSE.

If you know what you are doing then there must be less confusion or fear.

If yuu are a trader then you must acquire knowledge about trading to get rid of fear.

Trading psychology simply is the knowledge or lack of knowledge.

My thread throws some astounding insights about trading: