How important is for an investor/trader to read industry report?

As an avid reader who loves reading both fiction and nonfiction, I have a tendency to start reading anything and everything. But now I want to become smart with my reading and habit of digging into details.

That’s, why I wanna, know that should I invest my time into reading Industry reports?


  • What websites are out there?
  • Are India Brand Equity Foundation (ibef) report valuable?

I will appreciate your honest answer, Thank you.

Not an expert, but I do feel that Industry report comes in a different form in any audited balance sheet. Example, if I chose a bank to review, say, SBI, if you down load the SBI audited financials, it is 258 to 260 pages. There is lot of content and I am sure you will get the Industry report from these audited financials.

Things which investors should read in detail are

  1. Audited financials and their notes
  2. Brokerage reports on an company
  3. If you have invested in a company, type the name in google and click on “news”. This gives out any latest news out in the www.

If you want to know about banking, download all the financials of all banks, there would be sizable information and do not restrict only to SBI.

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