How is avg price calculated on F&O trades


I had placed a Nifty 11400 CE buy order for 7 rupees in 1125 qty on 29 sept.

This was to hedge my position on 11350 ce 1125 qty order .

Today, on 30 Sept, I exit both my positions. Sold 11400ce 1125 qty at 5 rupees.

Towards the end of the day, I sold 900 qty 11400 ce at 3 rupees and bought 11500 ce to hedge my position.

How will my avg price for 11400 ce be calculated for tomorrow?

Please advice


As I am new to F&O Trading had a query. I have purchased a stock HDFC DEC 2500 CE @ 44. qty 300. I am having fund balance of 1.15 lac in my zerodha account but in my funds it is showing margin used 1lac & available margin 15k…

Plz advice

The Exchange charges physical delivery margins as a percentage of applicable margins (VaR + ELM + Adhoc) of the underlying stock which is levied from expiry minus 4 days for long ITM options. Explained in detail here.

There is a notification flashing on Zerodha app.

PHYSICAL DELIVERY MARGIN FOR LONG ITM OPTIONS. ( you have a long ITM options in a contract where physical delivery margin is applicable)

Any action is needed in my case… please advice in simple terms.

You just have to maintain sufficient funds to not face a margin shortfall penalty. You can learn more here.