How is commodities market settled? Is there real delivery of commodities? What to do if i want to buy some real aluminium? i need to have a different kind of demant account .or is it held in ordinary demat accounts?

5. is the market settled only on future contracts ?

 Kindly note the list of commodities which are cash settled & compulsory delivery contract. There is no need of demat account to trade in commodities. 

Cash settlement contracts.
Alumini, Aluminium, Nickel, Nickel Mini, Lead, Leadmini, Zinc and ZincMini
Copper,Copper mini,Crude Oil,BRCrude Oil,Natural gas,Silver mini,Sliver Micro
Compulsary delivery contracts.
Gold, Gold mini, Silver
Cardamom, Guargum,Guarseed,Potato
Mentha Oil, Cotton, Kapas

thanks for that answer.i have one more query
Isint there delivery type contracts for alumini and related commodities. Or is it compulsory cash settlement only?
what if i want to take original delivey, doesn’t the need for demat account arise ??

No, it might come to ur office by courier.

Compulsory delivery contracts has actual physical delivery, you can’t take it into your demat account. For example, if you want to give/take Gold, it happens in exchange designated warehouse in the various cities in India. They don’t send it to you, you will have to go to a warehouse and either deliver or take delivery.

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