How is squareoff bots? is it good?

Hi has anybody here done algo trading, using squareoff bots, how is your experience, is it worth it?

If I had a bot that really made money then I will sell it not to public but to a billion dollar hedge fund.

what u r saying is also correct, but i am waiting for answer from people who have used it,

By that logic, every Algo Trading platform should be useless.

“It is” not that “it should be”. There is no publically known algo provider that has made money for its clients.

Actually, as someone who codes custom trading bots for traders for a living, I agree to your pov.

It is not just that these platform do not work. Even when they do work, they can often steal people’s data and strategies. This is why many traders like to have an in-house solution rather than a web app for backtesting/algo-trading.

SquareOff has a Telegram channel where they post the daily performance of bots. All you need to do is take a piece of paper and a pen, then calculate the bot performances over a period of time that you find reasonable.

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hi i am tracking that , but god only knows if the profits posted are true.
so only i am requesting review from people who r using / used square off bots

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