How is the expiry price determined?

I had bought 7750 PE at 7… Today was the expiry day and nifty closed at 7738… But my option was trading at 2 RS… Even though its value is 12 and I had to book loss at the end… Can I know why this happend and how the expiry value for nifty is determined and where I can see the expiry price?

STT for options expired in the money is almost 6.5 times higher than the value of STT charged for manually closing the position before expiry and this higher value will be discounted in the option premiums.
STT will be charged only on selling side of an option contract. So if one let ITM options expire the exchange has to net-off the position by selling existing long position thus will be charging higher STT as penalty.

Settlement price on expiry day is arrived in the similar way as any other normal day which is weighted average of last 30 mins traded price.

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