How is the opening price and closing price of F&O decided/calculated?

In equities, the price is determined by Pre-Open session.

How do futures opening price is decided?

How do options opening price is decided?

How is the closing price of future calculated?

How is the closing price of options calculated?

Is there any difference in calculation of closing price on Expiry day?

I am talking about INDEX and STOCK F&O. Not commodities.


Price is determined by Supply & Demand, If the demand > supply, price goes up and vice versa.

The opening price is the price of the first trade that happens in that specific contract. Likewise for closing price too. The LTP of the last trade of the day for the future/option contract is considered the closing price.

If you are talking about ā€˜Settlement priceā€™, then its computed considering the weighted average of the last 30 minutes of Nifty.


As Mr. VenuĀ said,Ā Opening price of the futures contract is the first trade price of the contract @ 9:15:00 while on the other hand, opening price of the equity shares are decided during the pre opening session.
Daily Closing price of the futures contract isĀ calculated on the basis of the last half and hour weighted average price.Ā It is also known as daily settlement price.

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