How is this possible?


I placed a limit buy order to buy Jm financial 100 shares at 118.

The Low for the day was 118.05, yet my limit order was fulfilled completely.

How is this possible?

If so, what is the range from the LTP or High or Low to our limit buy or sell order gets fullfilled?

Seller used a market sell order? Is that the reason?

Please correct me if I am wrong and what can be the possible explanation? If so, why did the low did not appear as 118 as they were TRADED…??


Yes this is surprising

Actually low for the day shows as 118.40


What you’re seeing as the low of the day is actually dependent on the number of ticks available with kite (which it claims to be 2 ticks per second ) but in real there are numerous, like thousands ticks per second , and your order of buy at 118 is executed as soon as price reaches there but not shown .
Explained here Why is OHLC data different on live charts and marketwatch?


uh huh… not today… this is a few days back…


thnk you so much!! this helped :wink:


@Newbie420 @Kushal_Salvi @leodecaps same problem here ,thats why people said 90% traders lost money here,guys please fire a complaint to SEBI , nse and bse ,many of my frIends fire a complaints TO nse and bse and sebi, also IN RETURN THEY helped them in the past ,sure truth will never die ,victory will ours