Why is OHLC data different on live charts and marketwatch?

6 July 2017
Why there is difference in data seen through charts n normal scrip pane.

All analysis would go in vain with wrong data, i wonder if past data shown by zerodha is correct or not.

Guide me pls.



OHLC data in market depth window will never exactly match with the live daily candle OHLC because of a slightly technical reason.

Candles on the chart are formed using all the live ticks or LTP the platform receives from the exchange. As you can guess, there could be thousands of trades happening every second, but we will receive LTP of just 1 to 3 trades per second. The OHLC for candles (1min, 1 hr, 1 day, whatever) on the chart are formed using these ticks.

On the market depth on the other hand daily OHLC is streamed directly by the exchange. Since it is streamed directly by the exchange it would be collating all the thousands of trades that has happened on the exchange. So yes, for daily candles, the market depth OHLC is more accurate then what is shown on the chart.

The reason we can’t use this market depth data to form candles instead of collating ticks that we receive is because this method can’t be used for minute or hourly time frame. Market depth just streams daily OHLC. What we do though is that at end of day, just for daily candles, we import the OHLC data from market depth (using exchange bhav copy, which has same data). So if you check a daily candle at 3.30 pm, and then check the same candle at 1 am in the night, you will maybe see a slight difference.

Btw, when looking at daily candles, it also makes sense to maybe look at min/hourly candles. There could be many stray ticks during market opening/closing which may skew the candles completely.

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So candles during the market session may be misleading whereas from analysis point of view historical candles are corrected everyday after market hours from the data received by exchange aka market depth.

Yep. But like I said in the first place it may not be a great idea to look at daily candles in isolation due to all the stray ticks that happen at open and close of the day.

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Thanks a lot. I am a bit relaxed that I can consider past data as a reliable source.
Thanks once again.

Why the EOD OHLC data different than 1 hr ,5 min or 1 min data ? Here is an example today 15/12/2017 Cipla’s OPEN is 597 as per BSE and NSE on EOD chart but on 1hr to 1min charts Cipla’s OPEN is 596 for NSE and 599.75 for BSE.

They must be calculating the EOD data by some mean what is that? any idea


Hi my post is merged in this post,but my question is different than what has been asked by BullsVsBear my question does not consider market depth or the ticks its about the OHCL data I mean open of the day should be only 1 price there may be thousand ticks after that ,anyway do anybody have any idea about my question

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"Market depth just streams daily OHLC"


If this is so, then what is the closing price in this daily OHLC of market depth?
Is “the closing price” in market depth’s OHLC refer to previous day’s closing price? Because, how can we decide closing price of the current day before end of the current day’s trading?

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NIFTYMAY18 FUT candle opened at 10,661.25 on nseindia.com
However on kite.zerodha.com the 1st candle opened at 10635.
taking into consideration the opening price on Nse website the 1st candle (15min) should close in red.
However on kite the cancle closed in green.
This had a lot of impact on the outcome of many traders for the technical analysis.
@nithin Kindly rectify such issues from happening again.

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Explained here

There is a difference of 26 points which seems quite odd. Given the difference is not even close to the original nifty opening price which has altered the closing candle from red to green. How come other brokerages seem to have correct opening price and not Zerodha?

The full data of the 1st candle is not captured by kite. There is a delay and the initial 2-15 seconds of data is not captured. The opening price of first candle is not reliable.
If you want proper opening price of 1st candle then use PI.

PI has the same data as KIte.
Even todays NIFTY opening data has error in Kite

Why is there a difference in Open Low and High values on the charts and in the market depth in zerodha kite? Attached is the screen shot of VEDL for 29th Jun 2018. YOu can see the difference in the OHLC values in the chart and in the market depth. Using a day chart. #zerodha can you answer this? Please done give the protocol answer of clearing my history and cache as i have done that already. Vedl%20%202018-06-29%2012-05-16

Anyone else facing the same issue?

Yep. I’m seeing a similar thing. In my case, the OHL is fine but the Close is way off. Have checked a couple of mid/smallcap stocks.

Answered here

When i plot the 15 minute/1 Day chart of Maruti for today (11 Oct 2018), it shows the minimum value as 6730, whereas in the Market depth, it shows that the lowest is 6705 (till 2.30 PM). I confirmed from other sites too and all are showing the lowest value as 6705. Does this mean that graphs on zerodha kite are not reliable ? This has scared me because if zerodha cannot plot the graphs correctly, it will goof up my chart analysis. This is one such instance that i came across…not sure on a daily basis how many errors must be occuring…someone listening from zerodha ?

Seems yeah.

Your concern is justified. Someone from zerodha need to explain for the errors arising out of the differences.

The resolution for this thread says that EOD, the charts are corrected. But even today (12 Oct 2018 , 12.30 PM) the 15 minute chart of Maruti does not show the minimum value of 6705. So rather than giving false justifications and corresponding recitifications, should retrospect and take corrective actions…