How is trading done in commodity market?

Finding it very confusing…can’t it be traded like stocks?

Its mostly similar to Stock and Index futures. All principles of TA apply into Commodity charts as well. Please mention the specific queries you have regarding commodities trading.

Yes, absolutely you can trade like stock or index futures in MCX as well. You can take short sell position in commodities too, the basic difference between MCX & F&O trading is difference in the lot size, qty, P&L for every 1 re move. Check this link for more details to know the margin required to trade in MCX & P&L for every 1 Re move in the contract. 

use desktop or laptop for trading . . .

Could you please tell what kind of confusion do you have?

like this word- futures and options- is creeping me out…
I have only traded in stocks till now so now i want to ask if it is possible to trade INTRADAY in commodities as well…

can i buy sell like in stocks…can i short sell commodities…INTRADAY?

Definitely you can

is every trade called a contract?

Contract is a term used in F&O, MCX, because of duration i.e every future & options position can be held till the last day of the expiry of the series, unlike Eq stocks which are credited to DP & help as long as possible.


Commodity trading includes trading in commodities like gold, silver, agri products or any other primary product. Trading in primary materials that are used to create products is called commodity trading. In commodity trading, investors do trading in the primary product rather than trading in the manufactured or finished product. This does not mean a trader is taking delivery of commodities, the trade is generally done in an exchange called MCX or NCDEX just like the equity market. Traders can refer best commodity tips and gold and silver tips to market experts for a positive return. So basically commodity trading is a form of trading where the trader buys a commodity to gain profit according to the price of particular assets.

In Commodity Trading, you deal with MCX NCDEX segment for your position:
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