How is upstox doing

Any users of upstox, can you share your experiences mainly with reference to order execution.

How frequent are glitches there in terms of order modification?

Not able to modify or cancel open orders ll always be a nightmare.

Upstox faced a major issue on Budget day as fresh orders could not be made. Look, any broker you choose, issues are there. So it is better to have 2 trading accounts if you trade for a living. I case one fails, trade through the other. But no matter how many precautions you take, there will be issues and you should take this under your risk management criteria. Even Adam Grimes’ book on technical analysis says that broker issues are real and should be considered in your trading plan and so does Alexander Elder’s Trading for a Living.

evidently,not looking for :100:/:100:.

In this case, looking which one fares slightly better, or has less glitches.

2 brokers, funding both accounts is not that smooth option. Don’t know why people keep talking about having two accounts?

So, does that really, I mean literally rescued you in past instances?

Just curious to know.

Yeah. I trade with full size in Zerodha, but twice last year zerodha did not accept orders around 9:30. So I traded in Upstox. Although my upstox account size is half of Zerodha, so traded with less quantity. But, I think backup account is good if you don’t want to miss out on opportunities (even on half size).
But if you don’t want to open another account, keep a mental stoploss way below your current SL order according to market levels, so that even if you can’t exit, you are well aware of how much potential loss you might make if it hits that wide mental SL.

Wow! You have been trading more than an year.

Hey, nice info abt the glitches in upstox.

In long run you wl be having 2 3 accounts anywy …if successful in trading you wl need acc w multiple brokers cos diff brokers good at differnt things glitches etc. N you shal be able to maintain tse … eg. manu bhatia trades w 3 brokers zerodha, kotaksec n angelbroking

Tat ain’t necessary for me.

One account serves my purpose. As they say, trading is personal.

Different people, different choices.

Oo .

Will be more glad about reviews on upstox ?

Please no other unrelated advices, I just want to read what users of upstox has to say.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author