How limit works in Basket order wrt Options

If we have a basket order with short and long orders (for hedging) then how are the below scenarios handled

  1. the short position only needs to be executed at limit price only then we need the long position to be executed

  2. But if the short position is executed first then we would need a high margin and purpose of basket order itself is not served

  3. If the long position is executed first then short position price is not satisfied wrt Limit then we cannot achieve the desired profit

  4. If we want both positions to be executed at limit then one or both orders are stuck

  5. Then only possiblity is go with market instead of limit so that at least all the legs are executed but we comprise on the price & profit

We need the explanations on the above scenarios for better clarity and usage of basket orders

There is no perfect answer to this, as you already know, with Market Order you are guaranteed execution but it comes at cost of slippages, Limit Order gives you execution at best price but chances of order getting filled immediately are less. So striking the balance between the two is difficult task.

@siva - till now basket order not rolled out to kite mobile - when it will be done

Will take some more time.

@siva - It has been almost a month but no sign of basket order in kite mobile?

Believe you understand the importance rt - we need it badly so as to trade when in office etc

We are on it, should be out soon.

About a month has passed but no sign of it