How long this margin mechanism will stay?

NSE or SEBI is giving a reduced margin on hedged positions. How many of you think it will stary for a long period.

Ex: A naked sell option in nifty approx asks 1lac as margin, however a position with hedge would bring down the margin to a great extend. (Approx 30k to 40k). This is usually benefits a small traders who were not able to take sell position couple of years back.

What iobserve is some of the small traders makes some consistent return from this.

On a contrary, if market identifies something is working out well for a small traders, that would not stay for longer😀

So how many of you think this margin mechanism would stay for a longer period.

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Any thoughts here @ShubhS9

Personally, I don’t think this will change. Whatever changes regulators have implemented have been to reduce risks. Hedged positions aren’t all that risky.

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