How long would it take very large orders to get filled in A list stocks?

Hello! I’m curious to know how long would it take a very large order (Let’s say 2 crore rupees lol) to get filled in stocks like ICICI bank, Sbi, Axis bank if a limit order is placed 10-15 paisa above the market price? There is an app on the iphone that shows the order book of these stocks and it never seems like anyone is putting in such large orders…

That’s why, I’d like to know how long a big order of 2 crore rupees either short or long would take to get filled in these stocks. I realize my question might seem really silly, but I’d appreciate a response. Thanks! :smile:

i guess by filled you mean executed in how much time after placing the order . well the order for say an amount of rs 2 crore may be executed in few seconds in scrips like reliance ,hdfc bank ,yes bank ,sbi etc wherein it might take a minute or more for other popular A group shares .
Limit order depends on availability of total buyer-seller quantity when you place the order.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply! :smile: Your answer really surprised me, if I take SBI as an example, the current price is around 340 so 2 crores = 59K shares! If an order for 59K shares executes in a few seconds, boy are these stocks liquid lol. And I mentioned a limit order 10-20 paisa above the ticker price because I thought that would guarantee execution of such a large order.

Today 10 June at nse SBI traded over 2 crore share and at bse it traded close to 12 lakh share . so you can imagine how much time it will take for 59k shares at about 20 paisa higher/lower than ticker price !

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Yup! Thanks again for replying, this query had been on my mind for a while haha :grin:

Checking how much time it takes to fill a big order is not a precise thing to do in trading as it can depend on many unrelated factors, obvious thing to check is for any stock what would be slippage for any big order and that is determined by it’s impact cost, can check here for more on impact cost. Also this is just an avg value which is given by exchange, if the order is much bigger than usual we can see some distortion to given impact costs.

Is there any limit of shares or value which can be bought from open market ?

That’s a tricky question, it depends on the number of sellers and size of the float. Here you can check the number of shares available for delivery:

Thanks, but my question wasn’t about trading strategy. As I plan to day trade, the nature of my inquiry was simply to find out how big a position could I quickly take without influencing the price too much at a particular price, which I could later sell at a particular price… Judging by @sabkaview 's reply, 2 crores seems to be fine in highly liquid stocks like Sbi, icici…

Exactly that is what given by impact cost.

Checked your link, honestly, that made my head spin lol! But, from what little I understood, it seemed like that would apply to market orders and not limit orders that execute at your price or better… Please correct me if I’m wrong :slight_smile:

Yes, for market orders, but there is no guarantee on execution of limit orders, even 10 shares may also not get traded at all if we place at limit price.

Yup, but that doesn’t happen in market volume leader stocks like SBI & ICICI, does it? The order book always shows huge new bids and asks coming in at a price close to the ticker price…

Plus, If I place a limit buy order and someone places a market sell order, and there is no one with a market buy order for that quantity, my order would get executed if I’m the first in order queue, wouldn’t it?

But order completion is not guaranteed.


Hmm, even if the limit order is 20-25 paisa above the current ticker price? I’ve watched these stocks, haven’t seen the price suddenly jump that much in a few seconds often. And even if it did, I think my limit order would execute first because of order queue priority, isn’t it?

It has happened with me few times.

Above offer if you placed to buy then it can be traded based on volume available.

Thanks. :smile: I just want to nail entries, you know? I don’t mind taking less profit while selling, but I don’t want to start the day by eliminating any chance of profit by screwing up entry lol.