How many Indian mutual funds beat their benchmarks?

Is there any data on the number of Indian mutual that have beaten their respective benchmarks? I remember reading somewhere that in the US, over 80% of all domestic mutual funds underperformed their benchmarks on a 10 year time frame.

S&P publishes the Indices Versus Active Funds (SPIVA) report twice a year. Here’s the data from the latest report.

Report 1: Percentage of Funds Outperformed by the Index
Indian Equity Large-Cap S&P BSE 100 87.88 78.35 48.08 62.77
Indian ELSS S&P BSE 200 83.72 61.54 27.78 43.33
Indian Equity Mid-/Small-Cap S&P BSE 400 MidSmallCap Index 62.22 78.26 53.03 50.67
Indian Government Bond S&P BSE India Government Bond Index 82.93 75.47 82.35 94.92
Indian Composite Bond S&P BSE India Bond Index 30.00 60.42 68.70 95.45

On a 10 year timeframe:

  1. 62.7% of large-cap funds underperformed the index.
  2. 43.3% of ELSS funds underperformed the index.
  3. 94% of govt bond funds underperformed their index.
  4. 95.5 % composite bonds funds underperformed the index. Composite funds hold a mix of govt and corporate bonds.

Although the 1-year number looks pretty grim for equity funds, it is too short a time-frame to measure any performance.

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