How many lots of nifty options can you trade comfortably withuout the fear of ur order not getting executed due too lack of volume.?

expain in detail pl…for eg:if i trade nifty option lots worth 1,00,00,000…will it be ultimately bought or sold acc to the order or we still have to search for a right time to execute such huge order…?the reason i ask this is because nifty is said to be the most liquid among all stock,indexes on the stock market…is there still a possibility of not being able to execute ur big orders due to lack of volume…or are we to assume that watever we wish to sell or buy will find takers…?

do not worry about volumes dude , nifty options has turnover of 20 to 30 billion dollar daily and ur order is mere 1 crore, so do not worry about execution

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