How many percentage of the zerodha traders(retail) are in profit?

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U are asking this question because today ur trading account might be shaken,If u pay some some attention to markets then u can become profitable instead wasting ur time on writing these asshole questions, if u want to know i am profitable from a very long time, want my contract notes

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Trading is like any other business, actually a lot tougher than any other business. How many people you know who started a business are running it successfully? Yep, the % number of successful traders are also almost the same.

Around 10% of the traders are usually profitable (breakeven and above). But only 0.1% or 1 in every 1000 traders, makes it big trading.


I want your contract notes. Please.

Dear all respected friends please don’t use such kind of language here. This for all gender and age group. Thanks

We have a smart group of traders here at zerodha.