How many pop up charts can be opened in Pi?


I like to trade with multiple charts open, watching them simultaneously over a large size monitor. How many charts can I open simultaneously in Pi ?
I am finding new KITE a bit buggy, so want to see if I can carry on trading in Pi.


Last time i checked, u can open 12 charts on PI


Can you also tell the same for NEST ? How many ? On their website I read it as 6. Is it true ?


Nest no idea, KITE 20 i think, coz thts the number of scrips u can add for market watch.basically u can open as many as u can add as market watch.


Hey p699, are you using the kite/pi for viewing multi charts? I’m still looking for a way to get multi charts say atleast 10 in single large monitor, pls advise.


Hey @DN3350 I built my own charting platform using python and bokeh.
I can add any no. of charts, in any shape, and I can write what ever custom indicators I want on it :slight_smile: Still half baked but works nicely as it is. Will gradually improve it.
But Trading view comes close, have a look at it.


Hi, are you a software guy or did you learn python for trading purpose, because Iam planning to learn python?


@p699, are your a software guy or did you learn python for trading, because I am planning to learn python, is it easy to learn for people with only the basic knowledge of computers


Software guy. Software is not something where you have to do a degree, all kinds of people can learn. Its a language ! From traders to astro physicist to biologist all have learnt it.
But you have to be at it for sufficient length of time. If you give up in the beginning, its not possible, then. Sufficient free material is out there, start from the ground up. Py is easy. All the best.




Hi @p699,

May I know from where are you fetching real time data for Bokeh, Is it NSEPY?


A separate, paid data vendor.