How many previous candles are considered by the trend function?

Dear Nithin / Any Expert,
Can you please provide details about the trend() function. I would like to know these details about this function: 1. How many previous candles does this function consider to decide about the trend? 2. Does it help in quickly getting the trend change? 3. Or is this useful only to determine the already prevailing trend?


hElLO tRaDeR,

1) This is an example of Trend Function 


You need to manually define the number of previous candles on which you would like to check for trend. In the above Function the Trend Function checks Trend for 30 previous candles.

2) No. Trend Function is similar to a lagging indicator.

3) Yes.

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Thanks for response. In PVT(close) = Up, please let me know the number of previous candles that are looked into.

Use the TREND() function with caution. It can repaint your buy/sell signals based on current candle.