How many stocks are listed in NSE

  1. How many stocks are listed in NSE.?

  2. How may stocks having F&O are their in NSE.
    And where to find the updated list of this stocks?

Thank in advance…

You can find everything you need there. I can provide you the list, but that would do you no good. there is much more info available in the website. Browse through it , explore, you will learn about a lot of things

Sorry, if it seems rude.

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BTW, look under Market data to begin with

Total 1999 securitues according to Market Snapshot on NSE website. This can include securitues other than stocks as well, not sure.

Total 137 stocks have Derivatives contracts.

You can get all the information on NSE website.


In case you are only interested in the equity segment, then that data can found on the NSE website (Securities available for Equity segment (.csv)). As per the latest data, the number stands at 1663

The list of stocks having F&O can be found here


Thank you all for replies :pray::pray::pray:

Is there any list which can show Exclusively NSE main board listed/traded share ( not SME Emerge ) like Naga dhunseri group ltd , The peria karamali tea ltd ETC .

The list referenced above contains the companies that you mentioned.

The SME list is available separately at - Securities available for trading in SME (.csv)

Requested list of EXCLUSIVELY nse main board listed share which may not be more than 20-25 scrips…some examples are companies like Naga dhunseri group ltd (NDGL) , The peria karamali tea ltd ,etc which are only listed at NSE …

List of SME’s which have been migrated to main board? You can check this.

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As others have already provided the required answers, I wont be writing much. You can find data in the NSE website also a quick google search will give you all the required data.

In NSE according to Data available on NSE website companies listed are: 1795

Stocks having F&O in NSE are.: 137 as updated on 02-11 2020

Is it possible to have list of shares which are ONLY listed at NSE (main board) …it may not have more than 20-25 names but even google search etc not yielding any result.

There isn’t any list which will include stocks which are listed only on one exchange, maybe you can download list of stocks listed on BSE and NSE and from that filter out stocks which are listed only on NSE or BSE.

TBH, there isn’t any difference if a stock is listed only on NSE or on both NSE and BSE.

very popular shares like BSE LTD , CDSL etc are only listed on NSE plus there are few more Maheshwari logistic , Peria tea , Ndgl etc .