How many trading days are there in 2014?

I could see the list of holidays in NSE site, but is there any way to calculate total of trading days in excel?

Not sure about the exact number of trading days in 2014, but in general there are roughly 252 or 254 trading days in any given year.

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There are many methods to find out, quickly i could think only of this one

243 Trading days for Equity, This is not including any mock trading in real NSE conducts. This is considering only regular trading days.


The last 18 is the number of holidays in 2014 as shown in the NSE website

If you change the year to 2015 you will get for next year and so on.

Why do you want to caclculate this in excel?

On an approximate (52 weeks in a year x 5 equity trading tradings) - 18 number of holidays

(52 x 5) - 18 = 242 will give you a rough estimate, Wont it?