How many want Zerodha Nest trader to Amibroker data Feeder facility than Zerodha PI?

I know zerodha is about to give a new charting + trading software -- Zerodha PI ... But we already have happily using Amibroker Charting with Many things coded in it ... If Amibroker Software can compile in Zerodha Pi then my question is useless ... but if not then please vote for my question -- ( we already have Nest trader to Excel to Amibroker feed but I am talking about some inbuilt plugin)

Can Zerodha Provide a facility to directly feed Real time stock data from Zerodha Nest Trader to Amibroker with say 30 days backfill? If zerodha can do this (I can't imagine what stops zerodha from doing this...) -- will fellow traders want this more than using the new Pi software ? Or both thing incoparable? Or Can Pi can be having facility to feed data from itself to Amibroker in Realtime? Or Does Pi will be having programing facility like Amibroker Does have? There are so many questions ...


I would like to have 1 software which solves the purposeā€¦ which would be Pi :slight_smile:

If you want data on amibroker, you need to subcribe to data feeds from an authorized vendor. Donā€™t think brokers are allowed to give data on anything outside a trading platform.

I would say an option to feed data to other softwareĀ would be good but that should not be at the cost of other features. So let pi also come with more features.

Currently in Zerodha trader there is option to feed data to excel, this is good. but data in excel is useless because we cannot utilise that data easily. so many are using excel to transfer the data to other sources. Why not an option to feed directly to other software without using Excel in the middle.

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What about a Bridge between Zerodha Pi & MT4 / MT5 ? NinjaTrader is being supported.

I tried to develop one software to feed the data from NEST trader to amibroker. Here is the link for that.

I have not tested with NOW trader. Give a try.

ā€” For ones having issue with SW ie. RTDL mentioned by ranjicgnr ā€”

  • Download the latest version from

  • Install the SW with default parameters.

  • Right-click on SW icon in ā€˜Startā€™.

  • Click on ā€˜Properties --> Compatibilityā€™

  • Select check-box ā€˜Run this program as an administratorā€™

  • Ensure that NEST and Amibroker are running. Then start RTDL

The 2 errors mentioned will be resolved.

vishyvishy, yes we need Pi to support data feed to Amibroker software. Then, it will be a ā€˜game-changerā€™ in Indian broking industry. soon, sharekhan, & co. will follow suit.

then how they provide option to feed to Excel.

I am getting two errors will you please resolve, one is database connection error and second one is unable to connect to nest software eventhough nest is opened.

this application giving me error on windows xp sp3
(null) it is not a valid win32 applicationā€¦


You can try thisā€¦

Help doc @

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Do anyone has the nest & pi rtd setup provided by howutrade? If so please upload it. I really need the application.