How Much Advance Tax on 10L

How Much Total Advance Tax on 10 Lakh it’s LTCG on Share.
also for Each Quarter how much i need to pay for 10Lakh LTCG
will it be as per Flat 10% as i sold after 2years LTCG or
as a Business Income as per income tax slab 30%

Use any online calculator for the exact figures but the law states that you need to pay 10% flat tax on LTCG on equity shares with a deductible of 1 lac on total income.

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but if i assume LTCG Profit as Business Income. How Much percent of tax i need to pay, 10% Flat Tax or As per income tax slab 30%

Input All of your income to calculate Advance tax

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I guess if you declare yourself as a trader and want to classify your income from the sale of equity shares as regular business income, then the law states that you are allowed to deduct STT incurred on the transactions and the tax needs to be paid as per your slab rate. If your total income is above 10 lacs, then the marginal tax rate would be 30.9%.