How much do you folks value news when looking at a chart technically

What i want to know is how much do you guys value news over technical analysis and vice a versa

I was told news has no effect or no value in technical analysis, sure news may not always make a stock move but given the herd mentality of the market. For example SBI result was bad, even after the budget session which was good for hdfc,icici,sbi stock still went down, yesterday there is some news which has now been debunked,that sbi will sell some 5000 cr worth in yes bank so stock went up, clearly we can see this on the chart.

i was talking to someone rather a group of people from a certain youtuber trader/teacher community who has a youtube community and his ads flash on almost every video these days first name starts with A. They tell me its the technicals that moved the market and that the results,news(like yesterdays which made SBI the top gainer of the day) dont matter and have zero value in technical studies.

What logic is this to ignore fundamentals for technical,alteast the core fundamentals like results, acquisitions,stake sale etc. Even ITC has moved due to stake sale news.

All it takes is one income tax notice to make it hit the lower circuit.

Technical analysis may work in a black box without any people or news. But when there is real world news that affects sentiment about a stock, and this directly affects what people are willing to pay for a stock, you cannot accurate predict the stock price with just technical analysis.

Their main job is to sell courses that teach you to read charts. They would sell their own parents if it meant you bought one more course from them.

exactly, even pharma shares one us fda notice and lower circuit,but these people find some explanation that stock already was weak technically etc.

I’m not sure about what works in the market, but I can definitely identify what doesn’t work, and that’s blindly following YouTube gurus. :sweat_smile:

Don’t listen to them or anyone here. Do what you think works.

Let me give you an example of Paytm. My technical system gave me an exit on 7th December, while the major news of RBI ban came on 1st Feb:

It broke the trendline, retraced and then continued the fall which is a perfect technical behaviour.

So you see this is how technicals predict the news much before it is broadcasted by media - somebody already knew this was going to happen and was shorting / selling the stock. You might be too late if you act when something is already in the news.

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News/Events have a domino effect on Tech Analysis. So when you are basing your moves on TA, you need to provide leeway for news/event triggers.

News has so much impact because people buy shares on hope and sell on despair.

Some news are random, some news might leak. If it leaks, some of that might show up as orderflow and price movement which may or may not trigger TA based events.

Both funda and TA cant do shit about random out of the blue events. It happens, we have to manage risk.

That said, we don’t need to look at news to make money. I don’t, i only look at price and that’s enough for me.

Significant news events, especially unexpected ones, can still cause short-term volatility and affect price movements. Traders may adjust their strategies or risk management in response to such events.