How much indicators like MACD, RSI, ADX etc. Are enough to add on charts, can someone tell me best of all the indicators?


:grinning: its like going to a sweet shop & asking at the counter…what should i eat? frankly, in my opinion all indicators are lagging so avoid…just follow price action, you can find several techniques…form your own strategy after backtesting rather than asking as people will name various kinds of indicators which would surely fail. Also, ensure u don’t take up training course on indicators as most of the trainers are there to cheat you…


Thanks for sharing man…hmmm… just one suggestion…

I think u forgot to add a good “METAL” detector is a must if anybody wanted a good metal control. I am using garrett pro detector and I must confess that I never missed even a coin entering or exiting my screen :hugs: :lying_face:.

Wow… totally awesome.




Dear Mr. Suresh,

With due respect sir, i dont like to take up training course it is simply not worth it to pay 5 to 15 k to learn something which i can learn for free on the web and we have pretty good modules on varsity and seasoned traders who can guide us in Trading QnA.
I appreciate your response and reject your offer.

good day sir