How much indicators like MACD, RSI, ADX etc. Are enough to add on charts, can someone tell me best of all the indicators?

I don’t like too many indicators on my chart…it just adds to the clutter. Prefer few basic ones like MACD, RSI, MA etc. I prefer to concentrate more on the price action than what the indicators are suggesting.


I like only stochastic the most. Just one indicator does good for me…

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It is left to u on what strategy u want to play. Keep using them, in the next one or two years u wud get the picture and sure u will be able to choose the best indicators.

plz tell me what time frame do u follow? and is it for daytradind or positional?

Hi Pradeep, I use only 1 timeframe, 60 mins for positional trading.

What do you mean by price action

I use 1min for positional trading,it will give more signals and it may not be suitable for eveyrone.If you are a newbie try with virtual money

Why don’t you just open ANY chart and apply Pivot on 15 min candles.
Just tell me your observations later

Pls use the combination moving average 5 days and 20 days if u r intraday trader
Combination of renko charts and super trend will be good to track up - buy and down sell signals
Suresh Ramaiah

Rather than having them all on your screen, try to master one or two indicators of your choice. Then apply filters(moving average e.t.c) or find suitable set ups which according to you are the most profitable out of all the signals generated by the indicators.
This will help you in creating different strategies.
Manual back-testing is also very important here.

Use combination of super trend and MACD and also volume index will also help us to know stock movement
Bollinger band green indicates uptrend and red down trend but u need to know the quality of stock by study of scripts
While trading intraday u should not be panic if it goes down use stop loss for all intraday trade with out fail to keep check n your losses
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@SURESH_RAMAIAH The word is SCRIP & not scripts! please use correct words.

Ok tnx Maddy des typo error boss will correct


Though I am new. But I realized that no amount of indicators can predict next move. Indictors are created based on filled orders. Market moves on unfilled orders. If you can get this, you would be able to use the chart without ANY indicators.

Could you write few words on how do you read price actions, and may be also supply/demand movements?

kindly refer index charts the price and volume will be known at NSE website which helps to pick good stocks for trading

Hello All,

From what I’ve heard one requires a lot of expertise to master the concept of Price Action. Probably i am wrong but that’s what I’ve heard and second thing its better to use few indicators and try to go with the days trend such as Nifty movement and Bank Nifty Movement.


Hai Vikram
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U can use below indicators which are wonderful to show momentum of stocks movement in intraday
5 day SMA & 20 Day SMA cross over
Supertrend 7/3 - green for buy red for sell
Volume chart to identify the trend of market
ATR bands for movement of stocks
Pls review videos and practice paper trading first before entering live trade
U should lot of metal control for entry and exit
U should use target and stop loss to avoid huge losses
If u still need guidance u can contact me over my mobile 98867-46194 Mr Suresh B Ramaiah
I can train u for live trading only of intraday on equity stocks only
It is on chargeable basis 5K for 15 days live profitable trading techniques
Knowledge of indicators and its use age in day trading
Selection of stocks - time of entry / exit levels
List of stocks for intraday trading in different sectors
Hope this will help u to earn good money in in traday trading with successes ratio of 50:50
Pls fell free to contact me for details of trading
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