How much margin do I need for Iron Condor in the given example?

Hi, I have doubt about margin that should be there to make following position. Suppose I am going to excute following position & it says total margin is 1,67,305.

But if we can see combined margin requirement it says like margin required is 99,742
So, what is the amount that I should have in my account Rs 1,67,305 or 99,742

99742 is the money you should have in your account to place an order .

Total margin “167305” If you dont take and hedge position. But in your case you have taken 2 hedged position so total Martin banefit…

thank you

BTW, that drops to a third from 1 June… Enjoy!

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How will brokerage be calculated for Iron condor or other strategies

will that still be Rs.20/- per strategy?

20rs/order same as 4 legs entry n exit = 8*20= 160 rs brokage

Ohh… thats not good… isnt?

Btw This is not Iron Condor. You are buying wrong call option. Try buying 8850 put. The margin is high because 8850 call is in-the-money.

Ok. Thanks

This is double calander spread.

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