How much minimum returns I should target per month in stock market?


minimum returns 10%

Hello Trader.

Assuming you could get 8% p.a on a Fixed Deposit of 100000 = 8000 per year

8000/12 = 667 per month

667 / 100000 x 100 = .67% per month

You are better off with any thing more than .67% net profit per month.

Other opportunity costs involved not taken into consideration.

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In most cases, targeting minimum returns will end up with maximum losses. One should invest wisely. However, this requires a lot of time researching the fundamental and technical of a stock. This is something a part-time trade/investor can’t afford. Being a part-time investor, I use which has a unbiased research service and suitable for both short-term and long-term investors. One can target maximum return for a minimal risks by using such research high quality services.

for intraday traders? tell in % .