How much more prices per second are displayed in Level 3 data over Level 2 data?

and what could be the infrastructure needed to receive Level 3 data for nifty FnO and what could be its approx. subscription cost? Thanks in advance.

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Level 2 data is like something that you already get on the trading platform excep that you get a lot more ticks . You get market depth upto 5 places. But the data quality is much better when you subscribe to data directly rather than what comes on trading platform. 

Level 3 data has market depth up 20 places. 

You can probably see upto 30 to 50 ticks per second on level 2/3. 

If you want every tick that happens on the exchange, exchange gives out Tick by Tick data also.

But the question is that even if you subscribe, how will you consume this data. For tick by tick, you have to be on the exchange collocation and this itself can cost you over Rs 4lks in infra cost every year. 

How much NSE charges to a data vendor is mentioned here. It is quite expensive for data vendors as well, which they have to recover from their clients. Can't think of any local data vendor on this list who gives u level 2/3 data. You should probably check quanthouse, thomson reuters, etc. 

Level 2 atleast 15 k per month, level 3 Rs 30k per month atleast, Tick by tick including infra atleast Rs 50k per month. 

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Thank you for the detailed response.

Hope @nithin will surprise us with new product called "MATTER " which will give us both live feed and financial reports at discount prices all at one place.