How much research has been done on derivative trading from a practical angle

Being an active trader in the derivative segment, particularly in Banknifty futures and options, my curiosity and interest is piqued. Do option strategies really work? Does option trading on an intraday basis have to be as complicated as it is made out to be? Does it have to be speculative? And just because no one has found THE 100% foolproof method, does it mean it doesnt exist? Or are the successful lot unwilling to share?

This is the Real Truth.

So do we conclude that there is a foolproof strategy but which rest of us are yet to stumble upon?

Yes, Share market is Like Sea.
Scientist have discovered many galaxy but The Sea is still a mystery for Us and Still lots of Research is going on.
Same applies for Share market People here learn for Lifetime but still they are not aware of some Technics.

Still. there are some solved mysteries too just like unsolved ones

You became active trader without knowing


I really do not know the meaning of

googled and found that Your are upset with your Curiosity and Interest ? :slight_smile:


Upset with your active Derivative Trading ? :anguished:

My status was an old one. Do not judge my current levels based on what i was when i joined Zerodha. Zerodha has given me excellent learning opportunities with their charts, techniques, Varsity, Trading QnA and also their ever helpful people on board. yes i do agree when i started i was totally clueless and blind. But persistence has given taken me very far and its not too far when my efforts over the years can bear fruit. Time to change my status i guess. :sunglasses:

I am not referring to your status. I only refered what you posted few hours ago.

My understanding about Trading Derivatives is we need better tools. Kite or Pi not sufficient.

Open Interest is an important data which is not available in these two platforms.

@Nithin may not be convinced about intraday OI. but My Feel is It is the need of the hour.

If OI is increasing that means Fresh money is coming into markets we need to understand what that money is going to do. Price Action will add to this info to give better clarity.

@Nithin have a look at this.

@haribabu if you are referring to the below answer of mine, it is not about me being convinced or not. Intraday OI because of what I have explained in the answer, is not correct. Most people don’t know about this. Maybe you should share my link in the heckyl post. But that said, we will try showing this on Kite.

The real truth is that the members of the exchange (the market makers) had already made a gain when they quote bid and ask rates. The price takers, that is we clients have to sell at a lesser price and buy at a higher price. It looks like we are being hoodwinked but given the human psychology all of us are competitive. All of us wish to sell high and buy at low price.


I agree about that answer given by you. Here my requirements is for Intraday trade only.
I will not take Positional trading based on Intraday OI.

Like price action we can use OI as well to further fine-tune signal.

I am eagerly waiting for it even in Kite Connect API.

Yes, you are right, if you say No one has 100% fool-proof method for Options trading (I meant trading -pure nacked position).

And YES, 100% foolproof method does not exit.

BUT, What the main thing is, you can learn from the pro, who can have higher profitability than there losses on option. I know many traders who make good amount from Trading Mostly bank nifty options. But they also have a drawdown on their journey.

If you Look & Trader in the market as a FIXED system which can give you 100% positive return, then You must revisit the assumption.

You may look for
STAR trader for BANK nifty options as I can see he has the higher return on CE and PE of bank nifty.

You can learn and eventually improve your trading to have on average profit than losse for you on your Trading Journey.

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