How much return an average fundamental investor can get?

I know, a broad question, but I am asking for your best guess.

Suppose, I have 5 crore in my bank account. Now, I will try to learn fundamental analysis for full 1 year using the Internet, then invest all my 5 crore in stocks and retire.

Nifty has given 14-15% every year on an average. Warren buffet said, he can earn 50% return with 1 Million $ capital.

Now, on an average, how much can I expect to get, If my only job is to do fundamental analysis, and invest my 5 crore, so I can stay retired.

What is your guess, on an average? Can I earn 20% a year?

Disclaimer: Not a professional advisor or an expert.

It is great you first wish to learn fundamental analysis, keep reading, this will help you understand the nuances of stock market investing. My personal view is, you should take out the returns from your equation. No one, even Mr.Warren Buffet will not be in a position to advise what rate of returns the stock market can give in the future. However, you can use their strategy as to how they invested in companies that they own.

Since you have a substantial amount of capital at your disposal, try to buy the business than the stocks. Once you do that and over the years, you will eliminate the non performers and add the performers. This will be a on going process. You keep refining your portfolio based on your needs.

You have found out yourself that Nifty has given 14-15% on an average.

Did anyone expect, Corona to hit the country in 2020, did anyone expect Nifty which was around 12,000 to fall to 7500 and then rise to 15,000 (all in one year approx.). HDFC, TCS, Infosys and all the big names were at throw away price in April May 2020 - on hindsight, I can say it was at throw away price but during that month, I had two minds whether to buy or not.

Hence, no one can anticipate what stock market will and will not do especially with regard to returns, however, if you are buying the business and have your asset allocation intact, things would be fine and I am sure you will be able to generate the expected return of 20%, though I will not bet on that.

There is no specific return that you can make. It depends on a number of factors with your investment amount being the most important out of it. But if you are just starting out, it would be great if you invest small until you have obtained an idea of the market.