How much return is good in intraday?

i want to know whats other traders think.
how many % of return on basic capital (without using exposer) is sufficient as per your view.
Many traders think that some thousand rupees is sufficient for the day, & some traders hasn’t decided the expections & targets.
i love to know the expected return of intraday trading, either in equity or in fut lots. (exclude returns in trading the Options) in view of other traders.
In investment, we calculate ROI & book profit when we get the expected return.
But in trading, i always get confused that either is it good to book some % of profit & exit the trade or should hold the position, until the trend will change.
i like to know yours trading targets & expectations to upgrade myself.

bro, this is hardest question to answer… how much is enough? honestly sky is the limit but that is not the case… any return you target for the day or month, it is hard to achieve that figure because trading is business of uncertainty and success is not always guaranteed… no-one knows when trend will change so it is better to book profits when your target is met rather than keep holding in anticipation of more and give away whatever you made…

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Fund managers world over try to beat the index returns. So if you are able to beat the Nifty consider that you are in a good place trading.

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@FancyyCosmonautt @t7support Thanks for sharing your opinion.
let me explain a sample trade.
suppose on 9.30 am, i get a buy signal on my chart, so i have created a long position in nifty fut at 13500.00 with maintaining a SL below last candle’s low.
But my confusion starts when to book the profit. In most of the trade i get easily minimum 35-46 points.but i get frustrated when i see the rally of 140 points after i have exited the position within 40 points. & when i expects more points (say minimum 100 points) , the position turns to back from 35-40 points to minus. & this way the trades with higher expectation, resulted in triggered trailed SL. So when i book early, i miss the rally. & when i wait for big rally, the market get reversed & my position turns in negative from positive.
so my i thought to know that, in how much points or returns (ROI) other traders are happy & close the position.

The way we trade we do not have any targets. We exit and reverse our position if our entry on the other side is triggered. Otherwise we just ride the rallies and trends on both sides. We are basically trend followers.

If I were you I would write some code for the system you are trading and then backtest it to see where the optimal target price is fixed. Otherwise I don’t think we can objectively fix an exit price for your trades using your system. For each system the optimal point would vary. That’s y.

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half to one percent from entry