How much time does it takes from placing order to order getting actually placed on exchange


I have noticed many times that the orders which were placed by me at sharp 09:00 were showing delayed time stamp in placed orders in kite. I have attached a screenshot showing exactly this. I placed my order as soon as the clock hit 09:00:00,but the actual time stamp which I got was 09:00:49. why this delay of 43 secs? By that time there were lacs of orders already ahead of me. Can anyone from team zerodha or @nithin explain this? Am I missing something?


At 9, we send all AMO orders and many will be placing orders at market opening time hence one may witness some delay at that time, orders will reach exchange via leased lines and leased lines has restrictions on number of requests that can be sent to exchanges in 1 second, in general terms there is restriction on number of orders that can be send to exchange in 1 sec via leased line. Also NSE has limitation on number of requests it can process in 1 sec, if I am not wrong it can process only 50k orders in 1 sec, 50k orders include all the orders from brokers across India.
Also at 9 there won’t be any trades in eq, at 9.07 to 9.08 we see trades and it is price time priority, only if the stock is illiquid we may sit little far in the queue if any delay is there, as AMOs are released first, I would recommend to place AMO order and also place it as early as possible.