How much time does zerodha take to place the after market order?

My order got placed at 9:15:38. Isn’t it a bit slow ?

placing the order take same time as normal provided there should not be any server issues. If there is server low there it may take time.

Like zerodha, most of the brokers shoot their AMO orders on exact 9:15 am when market opens.So, they follow some algorithmic process to execute the trades in a flow. I would suggest you to place market orders at exact 9:15 am instead of AMO. Any other suggestions are welcomed.


AMOs are placed at 9:15, it takes a few seconds with any broker in India. I guess the internet in this country is to blame. If you think this is too late, I'd suggest you place a pre-market order instead of AMO. The likelihood of you getting your order filled at your desired price is also higher since they don't have to wait for the market to reach the price, but are filled on best match basis.

Check this link for more details.

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This Q has been discussed in detail b4

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