How often do you withdraw your trading profits, OR?

How often do you withdraw your trading profits ? Or, do you use the profits to increase your trading capital?

Usually I do short term trades and I withdraw them when stop getting profit, I am now for the wins not for something like long term solution, when I will have lot of money, I will for sure trade for long trades and use it to increase my profits for sure, something like that.

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I’m a full time trader (The “trading to pay bills” type). I have to remove money from my account every month, profitable or not. So, I devised a trading strategy that gives me lot of liquidity which can fuel my monthly withdrawals, without affecting the trading capital, till I become profitable (The cycle for the same is between 4 to 6 months).

I’m putting my trades on twitter on a daily basis. If interested, please follow my tweets. My Twitter handle is @AnanthaRaman19

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