How people get News fast?


Stocks reacts minutes or even hour before news hits tv channels. how these people get the news? is there any legit alert service which give stock alert even before tv channel displays?


@nithin He is well placed to answer


In many cases the stock has already reacted days or months before the news. Hence they say buy the rumor sell the news. As long as there are insiders to a company, news is bound to get out before it is actually announced officially. That is the nature of the capital markets.

Yes, you can subscribe to some fancy newswire and get it a fraction of a second faster, but I don’t think it will make a material difference unless you are some high frequency trading desk who can use this to profit.

I am guessing you are a trader and not an investor. If you are, you need to know that there are things in your control and things which aren’t. The only way to protect against this event/news risk is to ensure that never have big enough position in any one single stock which can cause big damage to your portfolio.


Or is it because big traders and fund managers use Bloomberg terminal ?


Hi, Whats special on bloomberg terminal?


@nithin would be best to answer it . This costs near around 20 lakhs per Annum.

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Bloomberg costs $2k per month and has nothing special on it. Yes everything is bundled - newswire, average charting, loads of data, and a lot more. But individually nothing is special except that they are all bundled in one platform and there is their chat platform.

Most people who use bloomberg use it for Enterprise IB chat - this enables users to connect to all others using bloomberg terminals seamlessly. Think of it as a super premium version of Linkedin, where you can connect to almost everyone in the capital market ecosystem around the world who use Bloomberg. This is extremely important for institutional business.

Like I said earlier, you are mistaken if you think news breaks out faster on these terminals and hence people who use these can make money. If only trading was that easy. :slight_smile: