How safe is it to give my Trading Account Username Password to someone who would trade on my behalf

Hello Friends,

I want to give my trading account to someone who would trade on my behalf. Although I don’t know that person, I would like to take that risk. How safe is it to do that. Is it legal? I understand that its risky in the stock market, but apart from that can he remove my capital deposited in my account without trading in it or without my knowledge?
Can I officially share my profits with him?

Awaiting your reply.


If he is not trading without your implicit knowledge, there is no risk of capital.

I don’t know if it’s legal because you obviously aren’t signing on any dotted lines.

I personally know a few victims who lost 70 percent of their capital because of over ambitious traders who placed huge quantities of out of the money options in the hope of a jackpot

Zero safe, if you are okay to loose entire capital and be okay with that then you can give.Read below.

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