How sentinel timestamp works?


i have a simple syntax - “ILastTradedPrice(‘NSE:WIPRO’)<LowPrice(‘NSE:WIPRO’) && Timestamp()>9:30:00” my question is what is use of timestamp if i place it here?
P.S. it should trigger after 9:30 but does before it, in some cases.
and similarly what is use of Hour()?


I think you need to mention the date with time to compare with timestamp. For example,

Timestamp() > DateString(‘2019-06-19 11:50:00’)

The Day() function returns the current date, so for today, it would return 19.


This seems to be an invalid condition. You can try below given condition.
LastTradedPrice(‘NSE:WIPRO’) < LowPrice(‘NSE:WIPRO’) && Timestamp() > DateString(‘2019-06-19 11:35:00’)
This trigger evaluates to `True" if LTP of wipro goes below than low price after 2019-06-19 11:35 AM.

LastTradedPrice(‘NSE:INFY’) > 0 && Day()==10 && Hour()==14
The triggers can be set to alert only on certain time intervals with date conditions. The following trigger evaluates to True if the LastTradedPrice of INFY is above 0 and the day of month is 10th and time is 14:00:00 (2PM).


@Arockiya_Raja should this work for LTP of vedl is less than LP of vedl & time after today 10:01 am?

LastTradedPrice('NSE:VEDL') < LowPrice('NSE:VEDL') && Timestamp() > DateString(‘2019-07-11 10:01:00’)