How the suspended shares off-market trading and payments happens?


I have 160 suspended shares of parichay investments.

How the off-market share transfer and payment processing will happen in this case?

Which way the payment will be done?
and how long does it take to release the payment and reach to my bank acc?

Can you please detail the steps.

There are some companies who are willing to buy such shares.
So I’m willing to know what is the procedure?
How the trading, payment, time schedule; is done; in such cases?

ps. and what if I just give it away free (transfer it to recipient) at no cost. Is it possible?

My broker DP says : since the “” bellary steel “” is delisted ; the depository will not allow me to transfer/sell them from my demat to my friend (relative) demat ! Also i won’t b able to transfer from my this DP account to my another DP account!
Is this correct? Or my broker DP is misguiding me ?
If this is the case then how can i sell/transfer them to my other DP demat account or to my friend’s Demat account ?

Can i trasfer / gift , bellary steel to my brother / son ?