How to add sector baskets in strategy

Can someone help with this, please? For example, I want to check my entry conditions on all the IT or Real estate stocks, but how do I add these stocks in one click instead of adding each one of the manually.

@Streak can you help.

Hi @Aayush_Chauhan247

You can create a basket of these stocks and add this basket to your strategy and all the stocks in that basket will be added to your strategy in one click. You can create sector wise basket from the Streak scanners section. In the scanners section, write the condition Close(0) higher than 0 and scan this condition on the sector you want to create a basket of. Refer to the below image.

After completing the above steps, you can directly add your basket to a strategy. Refer to the link to learn how you can do it - Technicals - Streak Help

Hope this helps.