How to add separate watch list on KITE for commodity


How to create and save watch list on KITE for saving time again again adding tickers

When you add scrips to your Kite watchlist, they are automatically saved and readily available for you when you login the next time.
There are 5 watchlists in Kite and you can add a maximum of 20 stocks per watchlist. So choose a watchlist and start adding the Commodity futures you wish to monitor.
To add a Commodity Future, type the ‘Commodity Name + Expiry month’. For example, if you wish to add Gold October Futures, then search for ‘Gold Oct’ and add it from the dropdown. If you wish to add Silver September Futures, then search for ‘Silver Sep’ and add it from dropdown.

Below is a list of Commodity futures added to the Kite watchlist for your reference:


great bro! now I saw the watch list numbers hiding from me below kite platform :smile:

I was adding daily and trying to search where is my watch list option now kite is unbeatable!

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