How to add text on above PlotGrid Horizontal Line in AFL

Hi All,

Is it possible to add some text on above the Horizontal line in left side region thru AFL. (using Amibroker 5.90.1)

For ex - I want to add the text "02/06/15" on above the horizontal line 

PlotGrid( 8178, colorYellow, 10 );

Can anyone show some lights on it...

The Syntax of PlotGrid function

PlotGrid( level, color = colorDefault, pattern = 1, width = 1, Label = True )

If you want to write text you can use Plot text function

PlotText( ''text'', x, y, color, bkcolor = colorDefault, yoffset = 0 )

Thanks @AlgoGeek, I got the syntax in AFL library but I dont know how to implement it. Assume, let me apply PlotGrid in the level 8200 and I need to type the text exactly above the corresponding 8200 line. Now how can I apply PlotText. Confused with the x, y arguments. (8200 is not an unique, its a derived one from the program). Can u guide me…