How to add weekly banknity options in Kite marketwatch?

Unable to add Banknifty weekly option contracts on Kite using the search bar in the marketwatch. The contracts are there, but how do I search for them?

In order to add Bank Nifty weekly option contracts, you can just search for Banknifty <day expiring><month> <strike price> and you'll see all weekly contracts for that month.

Find attached screenshot to see how it works for the June contracts.

So search for Banknifty 16 Jun 17000 CE , this will give you Banknifty 17000 CE expiring 16th June. 

Hope that helps!

Find more on the weekly option contracts here :


That answers my query. Thanks!

I am trying to purchase Grasim 31 AUG 1100 CE and unable to find any search result. I am only able to add the 17 AUG CE option. Can you help?

How much scripts can added in 1 Marketwatch of Kite ?

stocks dosnt have weekly option

i believe 40