How to align Mutual Funds with your goals and what are the best funds to get started?

Hi everyone!

I am planning to start investing in mutual funds and below is my query:

I am a 21-year-old salaried professional and I just started working and I can save ₹15,000 per month and I want to start investing in 4 goals: Retirement(40 years), Home(10-12 years), Sisters Marriage (~12 years) & Car (5 years).

It will be great if you experienced people could suggest how can I align my goals with my SIPs and it will be a big big help if you could suggest funds as well:slight_smile:

And a reply from @nithin would be just a dream come true because I paid for a Zerodha account just to get started on Coin.

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Hey @uditravichugh, I am not the most qualified guy to advise you on this. @Karthik can u :slight_smile:

My personal strategy in life has been to be concentrated and take aggressive approach from when I was very young. Worked out for me, which may not really be the right thing to do for everyone. So if I was 21 years old and had 15k to save, I’d put 7.5k divided into two good midcap funds. The remaining 7.5k I’d keep it in a liquid fund (fixed income) and try to time the market (wait for corrections to either invest directly into a list of stocks that I would want to buy or if there is none, into an aggressive equity fund itself). I know people say it is almost impossible to time it, but that is how you can generate a lot more alpha for your portfolio. But yeah, don’t know if this will be the right thing to do. :slight_smile:

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Since you have age on your side, i suggest you go aggressive on equity MFs.

Go with a mix of large and midcaps.

Top funds as of now

  1. Motilal Oswal MOSt Focused Long Term Fund
  2. L&T Emerging Businesses Fund
  3. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund
  4. L&T Midcap Fund
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Thanks @nithin for the reply :slight_smile: that does sound like a great strategy if one is actively looking into the market, I am just starting my career and want to grow that part of my life as well alongside the money I make, so, for now, I am more leaning towards a passive approach, but as soon as I feel I am on the right track I will definitely think of this strategy.

And yes, will wait for @Karthik’s advise :slight_smile:


One more thing you could look at it is more actively managed compared to mutual funds. You can look at thematic investing as part of your savings too.


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First of all, congrats on three counts - (1) You have an inclination to save (2) You’ve decided to start early (3) You are thinking long term.

I think these three are already a winning combination. I wish I had this mindset (and cash to invest) when I was 21.

Your lowest time period (buying a car) in itself has ample time i.e 5 years, which is fantastic for an asset class such as equities. If I was you, I’d probably do something like this (SIPs) -

  1. Invesco Small n Midcap Fund - For home and sister’s marriage (7K)
  2. Kotak 50 - For retirement (5K)
  3. Junior Bees - Car (3K)

Also, here is a suggestion - no matter what, do not stop investing, in fact, over time look at increasing your SIP amount. Remember, this equation -

Income - Savings = Expenses, and not
Income - Expenses = Savings

Good luck!


Thanks a lot for the suggestions, I will keep this in mind and plan.

Yes, I am already looking into it. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

Thanks a ton @Karthik ! I have learned that the power of compounding can beat everything so not starting early would be a crime.

And I will definitely keep the suggestions in mind while planning my investments.

Good luck!

Thanks :slight_smile:

@uditravichugh congrts on deciding investment at a young age of 21:). personally i studied till my 22 age… its betters to diversfy your eqyity portfoilio 40 % insmallcap , 50 % inmidcal & 10% on Large cap stocks… Its always better to do some fundamaental analysis before investing …u can take help from Smallcase screener from Zerodha to finilize ur selection by filtereing diffrent parametes…And if your looking for good returns atleast keep your time horizon atleast 6 to 8 years… good luck

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Hi @Karthik, I have chosen these three funds, increased my investment to 25,000 p.m. because expecting a raise soon :wink:

Kotak Select Focus SIP - 10,000 - Large Cap - Home
Aditya Birla Sun Life Tax Relief 96 SIP - 8,000 - ELSS - Sis M for tax benefits
Inveso India Contra Fund SIP - 7,000 - Multi Cap - For Own Marriage (Partial Redemption) & Child Education (Partial Redemption)

Will add Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund(Mid-cap Fund) of 5K (2K From the Multi-Cap SIP & 3K Additional) for retirement once they lift the suspension. (Any recommendations on mid-cap funds?)

Please share your thoughts on the same. Any suggestions and recommendations are welcome, I consider my risk appetite as moderate.

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