How to apply for an IPO with your Zerodha account?


Zerodha is a depository participant with CDSL. But if you have an IL&FS demat account then yes, you have to select NSDL.


thanks that was pretty quick reply :). Also, what if we don’t get allotment? When to expect money refunded in our account?


I think it should be unblocked immediately.


hi, i hv my demat a/c with lkp than in that case it will be NSDL?
and can we do it through HDFC netbanking


You need to check with LKP. You need to apply from the bank account which is linked with your trading/demat a/c.


Hi, should I have to apply only from the bank which is linked to my DP? or can I apply from any bank (through internet banking) and provide my DP details?

IPO details of HDFC Life

Once I add this allotment in Q, what is the process to sell these? Will that be same old?

Once you receive an allotment, the allotted quantity will reflect in the Discrepant quantity in the Holdings page in Q. You have to your allotment price and submit the details.

These shares will then be added to your regular holdings from the next trading day.

You can sell it like how your sell any other share sitting in your demat - though a Sell CNC order.


Hey @daracha,

You can apply for an IPO through any bank registered as an SCSB(Self Certified Syndicate Bank) with SEBI that provides an ASBA facility.

After bidding closes, if you have received an allotment, then the RTA(Registrar and Transfer Agent) of the company exercising the IPO would’ve captured your DP details and they will credit your allotted quantity directly to your demat account, depending on whether your demat is with CDSL or NSDL.


if we buy Dmart shares via Zerodha portal ( via sbi again), where the shares are stored
if we buy with paper from sbi where the shares will be stored

guess today is the last day and we cannot apply for share any more right?

IPO - Online subscription
  1. It doesn’t matter if you are applying online or offline, the shares, if alloted, will be credited to your Zerodha demat account.
  2. The offer will close on 10th March.


Hi Bhuvanesh,

So the Beneficiary DP A/C Number = DP ID + DP A/C No ??

e.g: If DP A/C. No 0001234
DP Id : 87654321

Will the Beneficiary DP A/C Number be 876543210001234 ?? Please reply ASAP.


Hi Bhuvanesh,
Thanks on behalf of many others who are looking for this question on getting an IPO.
Im also interested in DMart IPO. I’ve CDSL number of my Zerodha A/C. Im trying ASBA thru HDFC Bank Netbanking. When I select CDSL,it ia asking for account number which I gave as you suggested and am Struck at DP Name.
Q1) HDFC portal is allowing a max of 10 characters in DP Name field. Can you please tell me,what should be the DP Name?

Q2) My name on ZErodha account is in different order and name on PAN card isnin different order (like Pradeep Kumar N and N pradeep kumar). Will this effect in getting an IPO allotted?

Thanks In Advance!!


It is DP ID + BENEFICIARY-ID. So in the case of Zerodha, it will be 12081600+00037630.


Where can I see the numbers you mentioned in zerodha? I cannot correlate the number with my example or my account… Please help


Log in to your Q and you will find these details under the profile section.


Hey Pradeep,

  1. You can just input “Zerodha” you don’t have to fill in the entire name.
  2. Just fill in the name as per your PAN, it won’t be an issue.


Hi, I have also applied through SBI, after applying it shows ipo in ipo history but when I click on edit IPO it shows no ipo available. How can we confirm that it applied properly? It shows Lien Mark Status as Scheduled.


You would have to check this with the bank support. Drop them an email.


Hi There,

could you tell me whether I can apply from 2 different bank accounts simultaneously (with total amount less than 2lakhs) with same DP acc details? does it affect my allocation or any legal implications?

What is my "16 digit BO ID" for zerodha account to buy IPO?

No, you cannot. If you do that both the applications will be rejected.