How to apply for Hindustan Copper OFS(Offer for Sale)?

What are the steps to follow and at what price do I place the OFS?

Hindustan Copper Limited is offering to sell shares through an OFS(Offer for Sale) process.

OFS orders can be placed on your Q-Backoffice > Portfolio > OFS. You can access Q directly from Kite.
Orders will be accepted from 2nd August, 3.30 PM until August 3nd, 3:15 PM.

Details for retails investors:

Floor price(Minimum Bid Price): Rs.64.75 per share
Max allowed quantity per investor: 3088 at Floor Price
Max allowed investment per investor: Rs.2,00,000
Allocation Methodology: Multiple clearing prices

Retail Investors are eligible for a 5% discount to the allotment price if a bid is placed at the Cut-Off price.

Note: If your account results in a debit post allotment of OFS, interest at 0.05% per day shall be levied on the debit amount. You will receive a contract note if you are allotted shares in the OFS.

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Can I apply for the OFS without having money in my trading account and afterwards, if allotted, transfer that much amount to my trading account?

I have a doubt why is 0.05% interest on debited amount. There will be a certain amount in my demat account, right?

I’ve a doubt,
whats a difference in buying shares through OFS and regular market? In the case of Hindustan Copper Ltd OFS and conventional market (through brokerage firm ie Zerodha) share prices are same so what are the advantages in buying OFS shares?

You get 5% discount. Thats the difference i guess. If allotted at a lower price dan market u can sell dem n book a profit.

How to check on which price Hindustan copper stocks allotted to in q-Zerodha back office site.

You should check this in your contract note.

If I apply for OFS via Q-Backoffice, will it automatically treated as an order from retail investor? And if there is any discount for retail investor, I will get that?

Giood Morning, Which account will get debited for NRI’s the normal savings account or the PIS A/c?