How to apply for NTPC OFS?

How do I apply for the NTPC OFS?

What price should I bid at?

What is the maximum value I can apply for?

Why apply for OFS, when I can easily buy the same stock on the exchange.


1. At Zerodha we have created a form for you to apply for OFS issue. Check the below image on how to apply. 

Once an OFS order is placed, you can cancel it anytime until 3pm on the OFS closing day. For NTPC OFS is closing for retail on 24th Feb 2016. 

2. The floor price is 122, so you need to mention any price at 122 or above. Bidding at floor price and above ensures that the bids will be considered. 

Bidding at cut-off price ensures that there is much higher chance of allotment. How much will be depending on how many people apply. Cut-off price is determined using price-discovery of all not retail participation one day before the OFS opens for retail (23rd Feb in this case). 

3. As retail, you can apply upto a maximum value of Rs 2lks. 

4. For a retail investor, there is  a 5% discount based on the cut-off price. So if tomorrow the cut-off price is 123 and you bid at that price, you will be able to get the stock at 5% discount (around Rs 116) being a retail investor. Since the current market price is Rs 123, you will be able to purchase in the OFS and sell it on the market to make a profit provided the stock price doesn't fall to 116 before you get stock in your demat account. 

Check this FAQ on Offer for Sale (OFS) by NSE


Cool Sir Thanks for update

How long does it take the OFS shares to reflect in demat? How do we know if OFS has been allotted or not?

Zerodha OFS buy through NSE or BSE. For reference of LTP where can i watch that.

It is normally placed through NSE OFS portal.