How to apply for the HUDCO IPO through Zerodha?

Could somebody explain how do I apply for the HUDCO IPO through my Zerodha account?

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The IPO of HUDCO opens today and it is offering shares in the price band of Rs 56 - Rs 60. You can apply for the IPO through ASBA (Applications Supported by Blocked Amount). Check this post for a detailed guide.
When filling the ASBA for you need to mention your DP id, which can be found under the profile section of Q.

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He bhuvanesh what should be the bid in order to get ipo , there is asked 3 bid price in onlinesbi, should i enter 58,5960 in order to get ipo

The bid amount should be in the price band mentioned above. To know more about bidding check this link.

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I Want to know weather all the applicant get allotment in the same price?? please clarify! I have also applied for dmart ipo but not got even 1 share even i have applied in cutoff price.

Hi Buvanesh,
I have 1 doubt. First of all, I am a new investor so unaware of these technicalities.
I am applying to HUDCO IPO through my Axis Bank account.
Now first time i submitted 2 bids of 200 lot each at 60 and 59 price (at one go)
I also later submitted 200 lot at 60 rs price.
So are the above bids valid? Can i submit more bids from the same account?
What is the limit and what are the conditions where the bids can be rejected on technical grounds?

You can make a maximum of three bids. Your bids will be rejected if you are
Applying below the cutoff price
Using the same PAN/DP ID and applying from two different accounts
Incorrect details entered
For more check this.

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