How to apply math operator in streak v3?

On the streak help page I can see the math operator section but in streak v3 I cannot see the operator in entry conditions


Hi @tejas168,

Math operators are available in V2 and V3 both. However, they are only available in scanner and not in the Create strategy page in both versions.

We are working on adding math operators and functions in the Create strategy page and shall be released soon. However, they cannot be used for Entry conditions currently.

Until the math operator is added in create stratefy page, is there any way to add entry condition where the candle is not like this i.e previous candle is not very small than current candle

@Krishnendu when are you going to add the math operator, I have read very old posts with same response that math operator will be added to create scan, can you please tell the time line til when it would be added?

Properly defining this requires math operators.

Math operators and functions are to be released with the next update, which will have other changes as well. I will not be able to share the date.